Hohner Chromonica 270C M27001


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Hohner Chromonica 270C M27001

Model Chromonica 48
Series Standard Line
Description The Chromonica 48 has set standards for chromatic harmonica manufacturing for several decades. Loved by professionals, it is the instrument which is most frequently recommended by teachers all over the globe. Its simple construction make it an affordable, compact and reliable instrument. The beautifully crafted pearwood comb is optimized to great response over its complete range, from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave.
Sound Chromatic
Reeds 48
Reed Plate Brass, 1.05mm
Keys C Major, D Major, E Major, F Major, G Major, A Major, Bb Major, B Major, C Tenor
Comb Pearwood
Case/Packaging Plastic Snap Box

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