Hartman Envelope Filter


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The Hartman Envelope filter is an awesome sounding autowah and is fully analog. Based on the 70's Mutron Envelope filter and co developed with Mark Karan, guitarist for The Other Ones, Bob Weir & Ratdog and Delaney Bramlett. The Hartman Envelope Filter combines the analog signal path and characteristics of the original with additional features fro greater flexibility.

Sens : Controls the Envelope Filters sensitivity to the incoming guitar signal
Peak : Sets the resonance/strength of the filter
Mix : Mixes the output of the Envelope Filter with the unaltered signal
Up/Down switch : Identical control to the Mutron, raises and lowers the resonant peak of the filter
Direction footswitch : Identical to Mutron, changes the direction of the filter sweep 


True Bypass Switching
Wet/Dry Mix
Footswitched filter sweep direction control
Modern Power Supply (18vdc 2.5mm tip/centre positive)
Internally adjustable set-up permitting user customization