Hartman LM308 Op-Amp Distortion


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The Hartman Electronics LM308 Op-Amp Distortion guitar pedal offers two modes of distortion inspired by the edgy, modern styles distortion popularized by punk, new-wave and college-rock bands of the late 70s and early 80s. Selectable on-the-fly via stomp switch, the first distortion mode (A) employs a diode-clipping stage to produce a classic distortion and crunch of the original upon which it is based, exhibiting the same sensitivity to player pick-attack, palm-muting- and pinch-harmonics.

The second distortion mode (SYM) transforms the pedal into an overdrive, increasing transparency, headroom, and dynamic response, and producing a hotter output signal suitable for overdriving the input of downstream amps/devices. Your strat sounds like a strat, your LP sounds like an LP; no more masking the tone of your instrument, but still plenty of scream, crunch, and sustain.


9vdc 2.1mm external power jack (center -)
Foot-switchable distortion mode selector
Dual LED indication (On/off & Mode)
Metal-can type LM308AH Op-Amp
Low noise 1% carbon-film resistors
Heavy duty true-bypass switching.

Technical Specification

<30mA @ 9VDC
Length: 4" (101mm)
Width: 4.9" (125mm)
Height: 2.1" (54mm)