Hotone Ampero Amp Modeler and Effects Processor


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Ampero amp modeler & effects processor is a game changer. It’s heart pounding amp modeling and uber quality effects are powered by the new-gen CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system, bringing you the absolute best the world has to offer. Packaged in a cool, thin case with a 4-inch hi-def color touch screen, Ampero delivers all the real sounds of rock past and present.

Driving Ampero is Hotone’s innovative CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system. Built on Hotone’s powerful XTOMP platform, acclaimed Binary series, and breakthrough VStomp Amp virtual plugin, the new-gen CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. system showcases Hotone’s new high-shelf circuit modeling methods.

Mainstream modeling methods are generally based on static state circuitry modeling or “black box” theory, which just “come close” to the modeled sound. CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. employs a complex system based on dynamic feature modeling. In this matrix, the technology “rebuilds” the entire circuitry using modeled electronic components, resulting in a tone that is vivid, accurate and expressive. More than that, the new system enhances the relationship between amps and PA systems, delivering a realistic feel and response you’ve never before experienced on digital gear.


● Main Processor - Analog Devices® SHARC® series
A powerful Analog Devices® 4th gen SHARC® series DSP is dedicated to the audio engine. Compared to XTOMP, this processor features increased performance and hardware-based audio processing accelerator modules, which makes it easy to handle multiple XTOMP-grade high quality effect algorithms.

● Co-processor - NXP® RT series
The NXP® RT series crossover co-processor runs on the ARM® Cortex®-M7 core. The co-processor not only helps processing audio streams, but also powers the touch screen display, USB I/O, and other functions.

Technical Specification

Compact, easy-to-use amp modeler & effects processor
New-gen CDCM & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience
Powerful, upgraded dual DSP-powered platform ensures excellent sound quality
24-bit signal processing, up to 120dB S/N ratio
4-inch 800 x 480 sharp color touch screen with instant control
18V DC high voltage power supply for huge dynamic range
USB port for firmware upgrading, loading/editing/managing effects/IRs via free Mac/PC software or for use as an USB audio interface
242 effects based on stunning XTOMP effects library
CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including:
- 64 amp models
- 60 cab models
- 100+ legendary pedal models
- Next-gen mic position and microphone type simulations
- User custom IR loader with 3rd party IR support
50+ Hotone original effects (incl. high quality drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more)
198 presets
Built-in drum machine with 100 patterns
Built-in looper with max. 120 seconds recording time
4 assignable footswitches with halo LEDs
Built-in expression pedal
Authentic stereo output processing
Line, XLR and headphone I/O for various connection needs
MIDI IN and EXP2 jack for connecting external controllers
Road-ready, light-weight aluminum casing



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