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The long-awaited release of the our new super-tremolo "the BiG CHiLL" is here!


3 different waveforms: square/sine/triangle, selectable with a 3-way toggle switch
2 different speeds each one selectable with a footswitch
an expression pedal input to control speed #2 *
an expression pedal input to control depth (the actual depth control sets the maximum depth) *
a third footswitch to engage the CHOP effect!
internal trimmer to adjust CHOP effect level
internal trimmer to adjust SPEED 2 level
The Big Chill can also be used as a clean boost! Just set the Depth control to zero, and adjust the Level to your preference.

All these features along with the warmest and biggest vintage tremolo sound you have ever heard ! We are extremely proud of our newest creation !

* The "JAM DEPTH expression pedal" (same exp. pedal as the one for the Delay Llama+) and the SPEED exp. pedal, cover the whole range of the controls and can be ordered separately. Other expression pedals could work as well, however they would not cover the full range of controls.

* Also you will note that DEPTH control is instantly set to maximum and is not adjustable when the CHOP effect is engaged. This is intentional - just give a quick listen to the CHOP effect in action and you'll understand why!



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