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Vintage overdrive based on the original Ibanez 808.
The legendary sound that shaped a generation! Made with carbon comp resistors for a pure vintage sound!  Jam Pedals TubeDreamers offer much more clarity than typical overdrive units. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be buried!

Comes in 4 versions
TubeDreamer 58 TD58 offers the classic Tubescreamer sound using the JRC4558 chip just like the original Tubescreamer. If you're after that classic Stevie Ray "howl", then this is the pedal for you!

TubeDreamer 72 Made for those that need to have the sound of their cranked tube amp, at a lower volume. Jam Pedals "secret" chip offers a unique tone, less gain than the TD58, without the added midrange of a classic tubescreamer.

TubeDreamer+ TD72 plus a High Gain switch. Tailored for those that need just a touch more gain than they can get from a typical overdrive. With the HighGain switch you can boost your TubeDreamer sound and depending on your gain setting, you can either achieve a thicker, creamier overdrive sound, or touch the limits of a sweet, fat vintage distortion sound! The newest addition and improvement is an internal trimmer that regulates the output level of the high gain switch, so you can choose between a boosted signal, or maintaining the same volume when in high gain mode.

TubeDreamer 88 Consists of the TD72, the TD58 and a High Gain toggle-switch in this case aiming the TD58. Made for those who need more than one different overdrive settings, as well as for those that prefer an original tubescreamer808, but with higher gain, still having the option of the more transparent TD72 sound.

TubeDreamer users
John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, Dweezil Zappa, Alex Skolnick, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Adrian Legg, Julien Kasper...

"The TubeDreamer+ produces a very smooth distortion that sounds like an extension of what I am already playing." John Abercrombie

"I'm back on tour now and have also the TubeDreamer58 with me in my pedalboard." Bill Frisell

"The TubeDreamer88 is a great pedal, i dont need my original 808s anymore ! The combination of the two pedals in one is very thoughtful, the boost switch is not just a switch, it's great option, too !"  Axel Heilhecker

"The JAM TubeDreamer88 can give any amp a warm tube-like sound ! It has many different options for tones, including classic and modern gain." Alex Skolnick

"The TubeDreamer72 is a shouting pedal !" Adrian Legg



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