Keeley TS9 Baked


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This is for the guy that wants THREE times Saturation with all the TONE! How is that possible? In the words of Robert Keeley..... "I still use the TI RC4558P in this unit. It delivers the best performance overall. I use a very high quality socket with gold inserts. The connection between IC and socket can hardly be better.

The drive circuit is further pushed by lowering the resistance another notch (the 4.7k is dropped to 1.5k and the 0.047uF cap is raised to 0.22uF). The response is the same but drive is 3XXX!!! All metal film resistors and metal film capacitors are used in the mod because they have less noise. I raise one of the resistors that affect the input impedance a slight bit (510k to 620k).

This allows your pickups to breathe and you have less ''tone-drain'' when off. I also change the input transistor to a MPSA18 for lower noise operation. This pedal has the Drive Control range comparison to a stock TS9, the drive knob goes from 4 to 14 instead of 0-10. This pedal is design to be used in a dual over drive setup. (I like for people to have at least one pedal that will do a clean-ish sound, this one wont) Also in this mod is the asymmetrical clipping mod (2nd Order Harmonic Distortion), which creates all of the warmth of a tube amp!"

Unit has a very small chip on front of pedal.



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