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The Klon is back! Since its launch in 1995 there has been an almost holy grail like legend surrounding this pedal. It has always been the pedal to have on your pedal board but few could afford the huge prices these pedals were going for on eBay.Ì_ But fear not, the Klon is back! It is in a smaller casing than the original but according to Bill Finnegan it sounds the same as the original and after plugging in and checking it out, we agree! The big difference is that the original Klon had a buffered output but the new version has a switch to choose between buffered or true bypass. This is because although Bill is a big supporter of buffered outputs, a lot of people complained that the original pedal wasn' true bypass, and although Bill thinks that true bypass doesn't sound as good now you have the choice. Here at Sounds Great we think this is an excellent pedal and its great news that it is now available to mere mortals!Ì_ Please ring for availability