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Main Ace FX Ortenzia


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J'AI TROUVE HORTENSE! With a perfect combination of fuzz and distortion, this pedal will deliver anything you need. Tone and Gain controls, combined with the contour switch, provide endless sonic possibilities...from a warm crunch, to a thin little buzz, all to way to pure terrifying fury. On the other side there are tons and tons of crunchy volume available on the Boost channel...the tone switch starts in the middle position for the original, stock treble boost, flips up for mids, and all way down for deep lows.

Use each effect by itself, or mix and match settings from both channels to dial in even more killer sounds. Add a touch of fuzz to the Boost, or boost the Fuzz into outer space...or settle in somewhere in between. This will be sure to rage and scream as loud as anything else in your repertoire.

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