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Main Ace FX Reverend Mother


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What’s better than Fuzz?? MORE FUZZ!!

Meet the Reverend Mother and the dark secret hidden in her Fuzz Mode switch. Flipped up, she faithfully throws out very familiar, classic fuzz tones. But flip the switch down and she reaches straight into your soul and completely rips it apart with a devastating agony of double fuzz. Drop down the Contour and Fuzz controls and starve her into a buzzing crackle...or crank them both up and let her scream!

On the other side there are tons and tons of crunchy volume available on the Boost channel...the tone switch starts in the middle position for the original, stock treble boost, flips up for mids, and all way down for deep lows. Use each effect by itself, or mix and match settings from both channels to dial in even more killer sounds. Add a touch of fuzz to the Boost, or boost the Fuzz into outer space...or settle in somewhere in between. This beautiful bitch with take you to hell and back and leave you desperate for more.



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