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Ortenzia style fuzz on one side, variable speed range tremolo on the other. Wildly fuzzy, super versatile, and extremely user friendly.

Originally conceived as a custom project for Stephen Brodsky (Cave In / Mutoid Man), the SHELL SHOCK starts with the wild fuzz expressions of the Ortenzia. Dial in anything from gnarly NES-like 8-bit tones, all the way to intense, face-melting fuzz. Combined with this is the tremolo channel, which makes this pedal a unique force to be reckoned with. Foot-switchable speed ranges make it possible to move between fast and slow trem speeds on the fly. Keep the trem at a light flutter, or give it a sharp, full-blast stutter with the wave shape switch.

Last, but definitely not least, Santos Illustration keeps things pretty to look at with exclusive Mutoid Man album artwork!