Moollon Neo Classic Series Super Lead Overdrive 201


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As with the Moollon S.L.O. 101, The S.L.O. 201 also makes use of an FET/transistor-based Class A amplification circuit, and just as the name behind the meaning implies (Super Lead Overdrive) , the S.L.O. 201 is a pedal that produces classic overdrive/gain amp sounds that vintage tone purists have sought after, with additional gain on tap.

The circuitry of the S.L.O. 201 is designed just like that of a tube amplifier, overcoming the limitations inherent to OP-AMP-based drive pedals of the past. This not only allows a wider range of tonal nuances from a superior degree of picking dynamics, the S.L.O. 201 is designed to produce a very full- sounding drive tone embodied in both a rich overdriven sound, in addition to a very expressive amount of dynamic punch.

But unlike the S.L.O. 101, the S.L.O. 201 has no requirement for a high- impedance (Hi-Z) input, so it can be used with both active pickups as well as buffered pedals. It is also able to produce an additional degree of gain than the S.L.O. 101 when engaged, owed to an additional gain stage in the circuitry.

Rich overdriven gain tones are available when used with a clean tube amplifier, and when turned up even further, an increased gain for lead tones can be produced. Whether one’s amplifier is set to clean or is already overdriven, after the S.L.O. 201 is adjusted to one’s preferred drive setting, the guitar’s volume knob can be then used to control a wide range of drive tones, for greatly added tonal expression. An even richer degree of gain can be produced when used before an already overdriven amplifier, but with the S.L.O. 201’s optimization of core midrange tones, the guitar’s original frequency range is also preserved.



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