Moollon Neo Classic Series Zod


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The ZOD is a very dynamic transistor boost/overdrive, this fuzz-derived overdrive pedal has a great deal of headroom and was designed to essentially evoke tones from Jimmy Page's live sound (Gibson Les Paul + cranked Hiwatt Amps) in the early 1970s, everything from his basic Zeppelin rhythm tones to searing lead solos.

Presently used by Michael Thompson, Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow/65Amps), Bill Bell (Jason Mraz), Marcus Wolf (David Garrett) and Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins), who recently used it along with the Moollon SLO 101 as his sole drive pedals in the recording of Monument to an Elegy and subsequent 2014/2015 tour.



“…the Z•O•D is probably the best OD pedal I’ve ever played. It’s been blowing my mind since I brought it home”  -Jeff Schroeder