Ozark concert bouzouki flat back 2225


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Ozark concert bouzouki flat back 2225

Ozark concert bouzouki flat back

The Ozark all-solid flat back concert bouzouki is a well-made instrument with a high standard of construction. It has a natural solid spruce top with carved wooden soundhole rose and red/green/black check purfling and solid maple back, sides and neck, finished in mid-brown. The slotted headstock is fitted with good quality gold plated machine heads, with matching pressed tailpiece with sliding cover and endpin. The 660mm scale and deep (85 90mm) body produce a full tone with plenty of volume. Produced for Irish tuning, the four double courses are tuned E1, A2, D3, G4, the top two courses in unison and the bottom two in octaves. Made in Romania.


Natural solid spruce top
Solid maple back and sides
Slotted headstock
Carved soundhole rose
Good quality machineheads

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