Pearl PF521 Flute Outfit


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The Pearl Flutes are world renowned flutes, made by expert craftsmen.  Pearl has long been recognised as a manufacturer that truly cares about their instruments. Pearls' group of artists have set themselves apart in their desire and passion to develop an exquisite flute. They have always encouraged the philosophy of 'one artist one flute', which allows the craftsman to explore and perfect each particular instrument. The innovations by Pearl are the one-piece core-bar whcih eliminates any excessive play around the high C# key and the Bb key.

The one-piece cor e bar is durable and reliable, and removes any chance of error. Pearls pinless construction also removes the need to drill holes into the note keys which therefore ensures a more reliable playing experience. The absence of any holes in the notes or arms means that no moisture or material can get trapped in the grooves and potentially cause ill-health to the instrument.

It is a high end entry model flute with a solid silver lip plate and chimney. The solid silver chimney helps direct the sound freely and the solid silver lip plate feels smooth against the lips.

Here at Sounds Great we pride ourselves on our customer service. All of our staff are also musicians and we love to ensure that the instrument we are sending out is in perfect condition. The flutes are carefully removed from their packaging, assembled and occasionally blown; we are passionate about the quality of our stock.

Sounds Great also have a large amount of flute accessories, such as Padsavers, cleaning cloths and carry cases. We are a large stockist of music and carry much of the ABRSM flute examination pieces. Anything that is not on our shelves can be ordered into store within a few days.