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Raw Vintage Pure Steel replacement Saddles 10.8


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There is an age-old dilemma plaguing all vintage guitar lovers. What if my vintage saddles break and I need to replace them? ''Will my tone change? Will I be able to keep that vintage look?'' The problem with todays replacement saddles is that they are made of different materials. Many use copper under nickel plating and have inconsistent hardness. Different materials, platings and inconsistent hardness all result in altered tone to your beloved vintage guitar. Vintage players rejoice! Introducing RAW VINTAGE Pure Steel Saddles. Weve analyzed, down to the molecular level, real 50s vintage steel saddles and have come up with a special formula reproducing the exact metal structure. Weve utilized the same manufacturing technique, nickel plating directly onto the steel body, to provide you with consistent vintage tone! And for all those relic owners, everything about your guitar screams vintage; vintage radius, vintage type pickups and aged body and neck. Shouldnt your saddles be vintage too? This is the RVS-108 (10.8mm / 0.425 inch Pitch ''Gotoh Japan'' type) to fit typical Gotoh type bridges.

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