Soldano SLO100 Half Stack Mint Condition Second Hand


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A True legend in the world of guitar amplification, the list of players who have plugged into an SLO is as big as it is diverse, Eric Claption, George Lynch, Warren Haynes, Warren Demartini, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more fill the ranks of top players who have found their voice with the SLO100.

The SLO100 is a two channel amp and like all Soldano designs it features separate preamp and volume controls, allowing you to precisely dial how clean or saturated your signal is. Add to that a buffered FX loop, bright switch and a clean/crunch selector switch, any tones you desire whether its Americana cleans or high gain distortion are at your finger tips.

All Soldano amplifiers are hand built in America by Mike Soldano and his small team of world class technicians using the highest military grade components, making the build quality of these amplifiers truly legendary.

From the Soldano website..

The 100 Watt SUPER LEAD OVERDRIVE set not only the standard, but the benchmark, for high-gain tube amp overdrive & distortion.

While setting that standard Soldano created a modern classic. Unchanged in over twenty years, the SLO’s remarkable sound, award-winning innovative design, and flawless construction make it simply the finest amplifier money can buy. And the SLO’s tone, construction, and reliability have made it the heart and soul of many of Rock, Metal, and Electric Blues’ most creative and celebrated players. It’s because of this that you’ve been hearing the SLO 100 on your favorite records since 1987. From Clapton to Van Halen, from Warren DeMartini to Lou Reed – and from you to Mike Soldano himself, the SLO is simply the player’s choice. 

The SLO-100 offers two channels, Normal and Overdrive, each with independent Preamp gain and Master Volume controls. A footswitch is also provided for effortless noise-free switching between the two channels. The Normal channel has a Bright switch and a Clean / Crunch gain selector switch. Standard features include a tube-buffered effects loop and a slave output. Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence controls provide the tone shaping. A rotary Impedance selector switch allows the use of 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets. 

The amp and cab are in fantastic condition and have only had home use. The head comes with the original Soldano footswitch.

As is standard with every Soldano amp, the SLO features a specially-designed transformer built in the USA, and is assembled using only the finest military grade components. 



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