Splawn Quick Rod EL34 Head


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About Splawn

Scott Splawn began playing guitar when he was 12, this was the time that the most saught after guitar tone was the famous Eddie Van Halen brown sound. This sound has had a huge effect on rock and heavy metal guitar tone ever since. Now, Scott build super high quality tube amps to rival that tone he aspired to all those years ago. 

Scott developed his designs by modding old and new Marshalls when he learnt that these great amps could be made even better by clever modification. This was all while running a music store, Splawn Guitars and gigging with local bands.

Now, Scott and his small team are dedicated to making the best amps they can by hand from start to finish. Notable players of Splawn amps are Steve Stevens, Jon Levin and Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz.

The Quick Rod

The first production amp that was released by Splawn is the Quick Rod and it is still very popular today. This is the classic rock and metal tone that we have all come to want and love. Based around a hot rodded Marshall, it is an 80s rock and metal players dream come true. As Scott loves all things automotive, the Quick Rods overdrive channel features a gear control with 3 positions. In first gear the amp gives a wonderful warm modded Plexi tone, the second gear is the classic Hot Rod JCM800 tone and 3rd gear takes this tone even further adding extra gain and sustain.

The Quick Rod is the perfect amp for any player looking for that great 80s tone of players such as Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch or Warren DeMartini but it will also cope superbly well with more modern sounds.

The Quick Rod includes a heavy duty 4 button footswitch allowing you to change between Clean/Overdrive, Mode (LED off = Gear2. LED on = the gear the front panel is set to), OD1/OD2 and Solo Boost. This makes the Quick Rod a great live amp with every sound available at the stomp of a button. 

This amp also features a half power switch if that 100 watts is a bit much for you and can even drive it hard at low levels using the Loop Volume control. A great feature!

All Splawn amps are available in a variety of head styles and racing themed coverings, please call 0161 436 4799 if you want to custom order your amp.







Technical Specification

100 watts - w/ half power switch
Channel 1 (clean) - independent EQ and gain controls
Channel 2 (overdrive) - solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode, 3 gear modes
Gears - 1st - Hot Rod Plexi, 2nd - Hot Rod 800, 3rd - Super Hot Rod 800
4 Button Footswitch - #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 OD1/OD2 - #3 Solo Boost
Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
Loop Volume Control for low volume playing.
Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms
Main Voltage Selector - 120, 220, 230V