Suhr DSV+ 53mm Bridge Black


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The DS, or double screw, series of pickups feature two rows of adjustable screw pole pieces. When compared to their SS (single screw) counterparts, the DS pickups have a natural roll off on the top end, making them richer, smoother, and more modern sounding.

The DSV+ is like a great vintage humbucker with an attitude. Brighter than the DSV, it provides the best attributes of highly sought-after vintage PAF-style pickups with the extra kick needed to cut through a dense mix, the DSV+ is superb for covering a wide range of genres without ever sounding to brash or harsh.

Technical Specification

Spacing: 50mm or 53mm
Magnet: Alnico V
DC Resistance: ~ -9.8KΩ
Hook Up Wire: 4-Conductor

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