Suhr SL68 Handwired Head


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The Suhr Handwired Series amps are custom built and wired by John Suhr himself. Based on classic vintage British designs from the late-60's and early-70's, the Handwired Series all-tube heads have attitude, feel, power, vibe and the tone.

Featuring the very best components that John can find as well as elegant design and unmatched craftsmanship, these amps are built to take the pounding of the road night after night and produce some of the most exquisite guitar sounds imaginable.

The Handwired Series amps are for the serious player who relies on his hands more than anything else to define his tone and style. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it. Don't expect these amps to hide sloppy technique; every little detail of your technique and touch will come through loud and clear. This is the type of amp that will set you apart like men from boys.

You've worked for years on honing your tone and style. You are comfortable with your guitars and the pickups and the way you physically interact with them. Now you need an amp that accurately and tonefully amplifies that interaction you've been perfecting for so many years. You want to sound like yourself! You don't want to sound like another generic average guitar player who sounds like everyone else. The Handwired Series amps are all about you interacting with the amplifier at the most elemental level; you'll feel as though you are connected directly to the speaker from that instance you pluck a string with your pick.

The Suhr Handwired Series means simplicity, amazing tone and old world values converging with practicality, flexibility and modern convenience. There is no need to compromise whatsoever. You want the best handwired single-channel all-tube amp possible, but you want to be able to play at small clubs with a little bit of post-distortion digital delay without having to lug around tons of outboard gear. You can do it all with the Handwired Series all-tube amps from Suhr.

The Suhr Handwired Series amps are only available in very limited quantities that will be built by John Suhr himself. John is an extremely busy person who has to oversee the company's operations and product quality control, design various new guitars and amps and other related products like pickups and line mixers, etc., and also interact with customers and artists on a daily basis via email, phones and Internet discussion groups.

So John won't be cranking out these amps like a production line; these will be personally built by John on very limited basis. 

The non-MV SL68 faithfully recreates the classic "Plexi" sound from the late-60's with the added Variac control to run the power tubes hotter and get that famous "Brown Squish." 

Technical Specification

Output: 100 Watts RMS
Tubes: 4-EL34 & 3-12AX7
Front Panel: Power Select Switch, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume I, Volume II controls and four inputs
Back Panel: Master Volume, 2-Speaker outputs, Impendance selector (4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω), HT Fuse, Mains Inlet and Mains Fuse



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