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The Otto Drive has been created from hundreds of hours of tweaking, gigging, practicing and rehearsing. Build by our long term customer and good buddy Ian Higginbottom. The Otto Drive is two drive pedals in one, on the right a low gain overdrive and on the left a higher gain drive. Used with an amp with just a clean channel, you have just transformed your amp into three channels! Constructed by hand using the very best components available. Each overdrive has Drive, Tone and Level plus switchable lows (bass). Each channel also has switchable symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping to change the character and texture of each individual overdrive using both silicon diodes and mosfets.

When Ian first brought in his prototype for us to have a look at, we were so impressed that we decided to get some made for the shop. That was a while ago and since then Ian has improved the pedal further and these finalised pedals are the real deal. This is definately one of the best overdrive pedals we have ever heard and we have heard a lot!

Please come down to the shop to check one out, I dont think you will be disappointed.

We can also offer individual custom options for these pedals. Want two low gain drives? No problem. Just let us know your requirements and we will see what Ian can do.

With the Tone Gnome Otto Drive you are getting an hand built in the UK pedal, made with the best quality components and a huge amount of love for great tone!

Tone Gnome users..

Femi Tomowo – MOBO nominated jazz guitarist
Joe Hearnshaw – Stone Run  
Leon Jones – Slow Moves  
Steve Ellis – Orion Studios  
Nick Wright – The Killerwatts  
Ian Hague – One for the Road  
Craig Wootton – The Prog Doctors / The Lost Dogs  
Ian Higginbottom – Searching for Sylvia / The Hobo Sheikhs

Excellent condition, originally owned by the creator of Tone Gnome pedals!

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