Valeton Dapper Dark Mini


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Dapper Dark Mini is your little ally from the dark side. This all-in-one mini monster has everything you need.

First in line is a stealth fast and accurate tuner so you can play confidently in tune.

Use the one-knob BOOST to kick your sound up to the next level. You get up to +12dB of gain with some extra highs and digging-in lows.

HIGAIN is heart of this little monster. Featuring definitive lows, edgy highs, massive gain and sweet definition, the hi gain distortion module is deliberately brutal. A 3-band EQ makes it flexible, and a built-in noise gate keeps hum away.

Use the analog-voiced DELAY module to beef up your riffs and solos with warm, clear repeats.

Plug your headphones into the PHONES jack for silent jams. It’s equipped with a cab simulator, so you can run Dapper Dark Mini right to your headphones and sound like you're playing through a stack. You can also run a line out of this jack for direct recording or straight to the house PA system.


TUNER module with fast, accurate tuning
Powerful BOOST module for kicking your sound up
Brutal, flexible HIGAIN module with built-in noise gate
Analog-voiced DELAY module with tap tempo
Adjustable PHONES output with built-in cab simulator

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