Weehbo JTM Drive


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The JTM DRIVE is an overdrive with a British character which emulates the sound of old tube amps from the Plexi era.

The overdrive is designed with fieldeffect transistors (FET) to bring you the natural sound and the dynamics of the Plexi amps. The JTM DRIVE can be used as a clean-boost but also for more overdriven tones with the DRIVE knob turned all the way up.

Furthermore, the overdrive can be controlled very easily by the guitars volume knob. It reacts very dynamic and can also be used with other overdrives or in front of an overdriven amplifier.

The tone control is an active 3-band equalizer with additional MIDS switch. The switch sets the center frequency of the MIDDLE knob, from low-mid to high-mid.


adjusts the amount of gain, from clean to crunch (medium gain)

active 3-band equalizer to cut/boost the frequencies, MIDDLE-knob with neutral middle setting, equalizer in combination with the MIDS-switch is a very powerful tool

adjusts the volume level

sets the mid-frequency: right = 1kHz, middle = 500Hz, left = 2kHz

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 9-18V DC
Current Draw 26mA @ 9V
Controls Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level
Switches On/Off (True Bypass), Mids
Jacks Input, Output, 9-18V DC
Indicator LED 5mm rot, ultrabright
Dimensions ca. 110 x 60 x 50 mm
Weight ca. 230 g

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