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The MASTIFF is a british voiced medium to high gain distortion.

The MASTIFF produces a warm sound with lots of mids and it’s the first choice for a powerful british high gain sound. Even with maximum gain the sound comes with much pressure without being muddy.

The active 3-band equalizer is a very powerful tool and it’s possible to get a wide range of totaly different sounds. Furthermore it’s even possible to create mid scooped sounds which are used in modern styles of music.

The toggle switch allows you to chose between different center frequencies of the MIDDLE-knob.


controls the amount of distortion, powerful medium to high gain distortion with lots of punch and mids

active 3-band equalizer to cut or boost the bass, mids and highs;
MIDDLE-knob with neutral middle setting;
equalizer in combination with the MIDS-switch is a very powerful tool

controls the overall volume

sets the center frequency of the MIDDLE-knob:
low mid (center), mid (left), high mid (right)

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 9-18V DC
Current Draw 20mA @ 9V
Controls Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level
Switches On/Off (True Bypass), Mids
Jacks Input, Output, 9-18V DC
Indicator LED 5mm red, ultrabright
Dimensions ca. 110 x 60 x 50 mm
Weight ca. 230 g

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