Yamaha NP-31 Piaggero Digital Keyboard


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Yamaha NP-31 Keyboard - Brand New Model!

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-31 Keyboard offers great piano touch in a compact package. The keyboard is touch-sensitive with piano style keys, is supremely light and portable and can be powered by 6 AA batteries*.  There are 10 built-in instrument voices as well as the dual mode where two voices can be combined.

Features include:  

  • ·         76 keys (6 Octaves)
  • ·         10 voices including Stereo Grand Piano
  • ·         Dual voice feature
  • ·         4 types of adjustable reverb
  • ·         Built-in stereo speaker system
  • ·         Built-in metronome
  • ·         MIDI in/out connectivity
  • ·         Battery power or AC adaptor
  • ·         Auto Power Off mode
  • ·         Available in Black or Silver finish

The NP-31 is slim, light and compact, and is perfect for both beginners and for anyone who needs a highly portable keyboard with a great piano sound.

Slim, light & compact design  

The NP-31 is a truly portable instrument which is perfect for use in a wide variety of situations.

Graded Soft Touch keyboard  

With Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch keyboard, the lower keys are heavier in touch and the higher keys are lighter, just as on an actual piano, whilst retaining the softer touch of a digital keyboard.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) stereo sampling  

Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling is a system which uses sound wave data that mirrors the tone and expression of the original instrument using advanced digital technologies. It creates a rich and expressive sound by using multiple waveforms.

10 voices including Stereo Grand Piano

An ultra-realistic piano sound together with a selection of other instrument voices controlled through an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard. (Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Pipe Organ 1, Pipe Organ 2, Strings, Vibraphone, Harpsichord 1 and Harpsichord 2.)

Built-in stereo speaker system

This instrument uses highly efficient amplifiers that create a powerful, natural sound from a compact speaker system.

Dual voice

Dual voice combines two sounds together (e.g. piano and strings) for greater versatility.


Four types of reverb are available; Room, Hall 1, Hall 2 and Stage, each with adjustable reverb depth.

MIDI in/out connectivity

MIDI enables the NP-11 to be connected to other MIDI-compatible devices such as other instruments or computers.

Auto Power Off mode

The NP-31 comes with an eco-friendly function that turns off the instrument automatically if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time in order to avoid using power unnecessarily.

* Please note that batteries are not included.


Dimensions: Height - 1.05m (4"1/8')

                     Width - 1,244mm (49")

                     Depth - 259mm (10-1/4")

Weight: 5.7kg (12bs., 9oz.)



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