Yamaha PSR- E353 Portable Digital Keyboard


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Yamaha PSR- E353 Portable Digital Keyboard

The PSR-E353 digital keyboards make discovering music an
entertaining and enjoyable experience.

Authentic instrument voices and a huge variety of backing styles from around the world are combined with
teaching functions that give a structured learning experience to music students of all ages.

The Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) featured in both models includes
more than 100 built-in songs.

Students go through various stages of learning with the help of useful information shown on the display and interactive
features such as waiting for the right notes to be played.

The keyboard will even grade the performance to encourage the player to develop their skills.

The new Duo mode divides the keyboard into two identical parts, each
with a middle C, great for teacher/student practice sessions.

Built-in recording is also available with a 2-track 5-song recorder on PSR-E353.

Models feature an audio input for playback through the keyboard’s
sound system, and on PSR-E353 there’s a Melody Suppressor which
virtually reduces lead parts, creating backing tracks from your favourite

PSR-E353 also includes USB for easy connection to computers or to
iOS devices, where a variety of Yamaha apps provide enhanced teaching,
recording and sound control functions.


■ 61 keys with touch resoponse
■ 535 voices + 18 Drum/SFX kits + 20 Apreggio (incl. XGlite voices)
■ 158 styles
■ 154 songs (incl. 12 Chord Study and 40 Chord Progression)
■ Arpeggiator with 150 types
■ AUX in with adjustable Melody Suppressor
■ iOS apps available for your iPhone/iPad* (*additional connecting cable required)